TOTAL PRIZE VALUE estimated at over $50,000


  • $250 Amazon voucher or Cash for Photographic Equipment
  • #TravelPhotography (This hashtag gives you top ranking of any post made by for the hashtag for 2 years – 91.5 million posts on a platform like instagram, so great potential)
  • $100 Ad promotion credit
  • Affords winner possibility to cash-in on this hashtag by lending it to agencies, travel or tourism boards or other users for top search visibility of their posts. This means your post will be the top post seen everytime on Gistsy.
  • Considered for an exhibition on Travel Photography at a gallery venue in London

Monetary Opportunities for #TravelPhotography:

  • Command deals with brands due to your Top Ranking Position and large following of your hashtags
  • Cash-in with rental deal of your Top ranking position privilege to agencies, tourism boards for a retainer fee
  • Postings deals with other users to boost their accounts or product.
  • Potential for promote photography courses deals.
  • Promote and sale printed editions and products



  • No Cash Prize.
  • Considered for an exhibition on Travel Photography at a gallery venue in London.


Participants are expected to pay an administration fee (covers administration and processing) per photograph entered into the contest as follows:

$10: Early Bird Registration 09 September – 16 September 2019 (23:00 GMT)
$15: Standard Registration 17 September – 07 November 2019 (23:00 GMT)
$20: Late Registration 08 November – 14 November 2019 (23:00 GMT)